COVID and segregation

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The pandemic has caused drastic effects on schools’ everyday life. In many countries it has been reported the many effects of the health crisis and the schools’ lockdown on aspects such as students’ learning process, their mental health, their access to community networks or family-school relationships. Many of these effect have been exacerbated in segregated schools, where social problems are usually more acute and there is less access to material and social resources. ECASS has developed a detailed analysis on the specific effects of Covid-19 in education in the three cities of the project.

From this review it has identified a number of significant challenges that most disadvantaged schools have faced are still facing since the beginning of the pandemic. In many cases, we have observed creative and innovative responses to these challenges. We have selected these responses and have organized them as a database that has the objective to serve as inspiration for schools and policymakers.

COvid and SEgregation in Barcelona 

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COvid and SEgregation in Milano

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COvid and SEgregation in Oslo

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