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The ECASS team has elaborated a complete course on school segregation. These training materials will help you to deepen your knowledge on the characteristics, causes and consequences of school segregation. In addition, the course provide guidance for local policymakers and other stakeholders for implementing best policies and practices to tackle school segregation in European cities. The course is organized in five units. The first four units will help the trainees to understand the concept of school segregation, how to measure it, what are their causes and which are the main consequences that justify to take political action.

Every unit includes a core text, supplementary materials and practical activities to better understand the content. Unit 5 (What can be done), approaches the trainees to possible policies and strategies to tackle school segregation. This unit is organized in four main policy dimensions (planning school supply, admission policies, information policies and compensatory policies). For each dimension the reader can identify good policies and practices carried out in the three cities involved in the project.